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Temporary departure hall Schiphol Airport almost ready for lift-off

In about six months, a departure hall has been built, complete with check-in desks, security lanes, self-service check stations as well as sanitation facilities. In the coming weeks, the new temporary departure hall at Schiphol Airport will be ready for the first travellers. The temporary hall is needed because the Dutch airport is getting busier every year.

A new temporary departure hall

The temporary departure hall at Schiphol has all the features and facilities you require, however, the hall will not get its own name. It will be part of the existing Departure Hall 1. You can enter through Departure Hall 1, go through a passageway into the new hall. It means that this hall doesn’t have an entrance. Nevertheless, the check-in row will get its number; this will be Check-in row 1A. The yellow signs will guide a traveller from Departure Hall 1 to the new check-in row.

Schiphol Airport has announced which airlines will take up residence in the temporary departure hall. KLM, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS and LOT Polish Airlines can call the newly built hall their new home.
In case you are flying to a Schengen destination with one of these airlines, there is an excellent chance you will be traveling through the new hall. After check-in and passing through security control, you can directly walk to Pier B, and Pier C. Schengen flights of these airlines will mostly depart from these piers.

Every year, more passengers travel to European Schengen countries from Schiphol Airport. Last year this number increased by 17 percent, compared to the year before. Reasons for the increased traffic are the fast economic growth, cheaper tickets because of low oil prices and the growing popularity of European destinations. Schiphol will soon receive around two million travelers in the temporary departure hall, out of an estimated ten million people heading to a Schengen destination.

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