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Supreme Court allows Trump’s third travel ban

As we discussed in an earlier article about the travel ban, the US Supreme Court has allowed Trump’s third travel ban to go fully into effect. The justices added in their decision that they expect that the Court of Appeals, in both cases that are still pending, will approve the travel ban.

The US Supreme Court overruled two lower court rulings that had halted parts of the travel ban proclamation in September which allows the US to apply more stringent vetting and other processes for detecting attempts by terrorists to enter the United States. The travel ban includes the countries Chad, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and North Korea.

The proclamation in September is followed by two earlier travel bans that were put in place by the Trump administration. The first ban was signed in January and the second in March, and both faced significant opposition from the courts which led to a review over the summer. This means the Trump administration asserts the basis for the ban would be the one in September.

Trump signed the administration's third attempt at a travel ban on 24 September. The third travel ban imposes broad travel restrictions on five majority-Muslim countries that were also included in the first and second travel bans: Iran, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. Chad, Venezuela, and North Korea are three new countries that are included in this third attempt at a ban. Restrictions on Venezuela were limited to government officials and their relatives. The third travel ban has no expiration date, unlike the earlier orders. President Trump can decide to lift or add restrictions.

This is the first time that the US Supreme Court decided to allow one of Trump’s bans to go forward in its entirety. The new travel ban is a significant win for the White House which has fought hard to impose a travel ban against citizens of several Muslim-majority countries. The order means it can be enforced while challenges to the policy are still being made. Challenges against the travel ban will continue this week on both coasts.

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