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Supporting Humanitarians Who Travel with a Medical Condition

We’re inspired by humanitarians who dedicate themselves to helping those who need it most. It is an inspiration to every person, not just us. It’s a grand, if not the grandest, gesture of kindness. Some are even willing never to let their medical condition be a limiting factor in their endeavors to benefit the lives of others. Nothing makes us more proud than arranging humanitarian travel for such compassionate people.

Serving humanitarians with a medical condition

Humanitarian aid work encompasses many different types of projects that benefit people across the globe. It could range from working in an area of the world which is affected by war and natural calamities to man-made disasters. You and every other aid worker dedicate time to saving other people’s lives and preserving human dignity. Frankly, the world needs all the humanitarian aid that it can get. We try to inspire everyone to undertake welfare activities and relief work.

Before traveling, you should always read some background information about your destination. This will see to it that you stay informed about political, weather and health issues. But, it’s not only the health risks at the location you should take into account. Many of you are already facing a medical condition before going on their first travel. Mind you; this doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal-breaker. We’re willing to do everything in our power to facilitate travel for every possible humanitarian. We are here to ensure that your condition doesn’t hinder you.

We’re frequently inspired by humanitarians who are not willing to let their state of health limit their efforts and are so dedicated to helping those who need it most. It is a selfless gesture that means a lot, and we have a huge of respect for it.  In detail, this ranges from bringing supplemental oxygen to carrying insulin shots.

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do humanitarian work. We have multiple compassionate clients who, regardless of being constrained on a wheel chair, make each and every of their humanitarian travels. We’re inspired by their determination and take great pride in making sure every aspect of their travel to remote destinations runs smoothly. We got a step further to make sure that they get quick transfers on busy airports.

Compassion, service, and respect are the important values on which our work is based. They are always at the very top of our minds in every action we undertake. We always strive to serve those who serve the world at the very best of our abilities. Helping every willing humanitarian reach a vulnerable location that needs help is essentially what we do all day. This also means serving humanitarians with a medical condition. We're ready to try everything in our power to enable them reach secluded locations where help is needed. Should you have any questions, we are always easy-to-reach through multiple means of communication. Using our quick address locator, contact your nearest Raptim office.