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This Supermarket is Helping End Plastic Pollution

On April 22, the world will celebrate International Mother Earth Day 2018. Initiated by the United Nations, the event now has thousands of partners around the globe, including Raptim. The central theme for this year’s Mother Earth Day is “End Plastic Pollution.” As a little bit of inspiration on this important theme, we thought we would share the story of Ekoplaza with our readers.

Ekoplaza is Helping End Plastic Pollution

Activists, along with customers, have been exerting pressure to move away from plastic in grocery shopping for some time now. Finally, the time has come when the first company has taken the plunge! Ekoplaza in Amsterdam just launched their first plastic-free aisle! Here, customers can find nearly 700 products including meats, dairy, sauces, pasta, cereals, fruit, vegetables, and more which do not use plastic packaging. That is not to say that they are getting rid of packaging altogether. Instead, they are using different materials. All are biodegradable or recyclable including traditional alternatives like glass, cardboard, and innovative, biodegradable plastic substitutes. Clients are welcoming this change. In fact, Ekoplaza is planning to expand this move to 74 more stores around the Netherlands. The hope is that other brands will follow suit. However, for this to happen, the general public needs to accept this new way of packaging and encourage brands to be more environmentally friendly.

Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping

The great news is that Ekoplaza is not the only shop out there tackling plastic waste. In the UK and elsewhere, new stores are popping up with a specific mission: to use no plastic packaging in groceries. For example, the Bulk Market in London offers over 300 products without the use of plastic. Instead, you can bring your own containers for most items, or alternatively, they come with paper packaging. In addition to this, the shop carries items such as toothbrushes which are typically made of plastic, but these new ones are made of recyclable materials. And, the buck doesn’t stop there. The Zero Waster blog provides an excellent list of plastic-free shops around the UK. For example, there is a place called the Green Grocer in Aberdeen that refills bottles with herbs, oils, and spices. Another store, The Good Earth in Wells, provides refills for shampoos and soaps. And, if you need home delivery, Charlotte’s Cupboard delivers package-free goods around Sussex. All in all, the possibilities are out there; you may just need to look for them. What will you do this Mother Earth Day to reduce your plastic impact?

Raptim’s Initiative to Help Mother Earth

Raptim wants to help Mother Earth as well. In the travel industry, CO2 emissions are a prevalent form of pollution. Raptim is one of the front-runners when it comes to sustainable travel. This means mitigating the effects of CO2 emissions. As a humanitarian travel organization, we operate in a sector which has relatively high CO2 emissions. Nonetheless, we try to help those traveling in the most socially responsible way possible. Raptim has looked into integrating CO2 compensation as part of their emissions management strategy. Have a look at this video or read this article about our point-of-view regarding CO2 emissions, compensation, and offsetting.

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