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Seven Global Websites for Finding Humanitarian Jobs

Being an aid worker is not just a job; it is a calling that requires working from the heart. In many cases, as a humanitarian aid worker, you already wanted to help people since you were a little kid. You’re always the first in line when someone needs help. Your heart skips a beat when you see someone getting hurt. You cannot tolerate injustice. You are confident that you can be the difference-maker through actions. Those are some of the classic signs of a compassionate humanitarian.

The value of humanitarian jobs

Do you think it’s time to help those in need now that you’ve completed your education? Do you feel the urge to make a career based on this great principle? Have you already had a humanitarian job before and you’re looking for a brand new career challenge? If yes, it’s time to find a humanitarian role.

Working as a humanitarian is one of the most worthwhile ways to lead your professional life. You can help reconstruct areas after natural disasters, increase HIV and AIDS awareness in afflicted places, fight for worldwide acceptance of human rights or dig wells to help communities gain access to safe, clean drinking water. All in all, finding the right and meaningful job can be a gratifying challenge.

The ultimate humanitarian traveling list

At Raptim, we are always willing to help and even go one step further. Listed below is a list of seven trusted sources that will help you a great deal in finding available vacancies in the field of global development and humanitarian work that suits you.

  1. Reliefweb Jobs
    Since 1996, ReliefWeb has been the leading source of reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters. It’s the specialized digital service of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). It offers a wide arrange of jobs in the field of humanitarian work.
  2. United Nations Careers
    The world looks up to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems of all dimensions; from ending conflicts and alleviating poverty, to combating climate change and defending human rights. Working for an organization that holds such values with the highest of regards is a dream for any ambitious humanitarian. Their career website offers 30 pages filled with all kinds of jobs located all over the globe.
  3. Devex
    Whether you're looking for a global development job, consulting assignment, or the latest career advice - join thousands of other professionals who rely on Devex. You will navigate a career in global development by taking a look at their international development job board.
    The European Commission Department of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) regularly recruits specialized staff to be deployed on the field. This field staff comprises of both Technical Assistants (humanitarian experts) and locally hired national staff. It makes up the ECHO Field Network. Do not hesitate to check out their website for any open vacancies.
    They offer international development jobs for charities and NGOs around the world. Additionally, they list opportunities to work as a volunteer or intern for a charity or NGO. Although most positions are based in the UK, they also include other locations of the world on their website.
  6. Guardian Development Jobs
    Naturally, this humanitarian news juggernaut also includes a humanitarian jobs section on their website. Keep in mind that most of the jobs are located in the UK, but humanitarian jobs in Borneo, Malaysia, Tanzania are currently also included.
  7. Economist Jobs
    The Economist offers hundreds of jobs in all sorts of fields. They include a specific humanitarian job board on their website. This is unique because you don’t often come across a humanitarian category on such a large-scale job website. It’s certainly worth a look.