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Serving Humanitarians on a Personal Level

We have to keep close contact with humanitarian organizations as well as humanitarian travelers themselves to provide the high level of service they need to carry out their activities.

Serving humanitarians to the best of our ability

We are in contact with the most compassionate organizations every single day. Our experienced staff provides around-the-clock access to all the volunteer, faith-based and aid-work organizations we serve. Whether it’s about helping them with car rental, travel insurance or booking flexible humanitarian tickets. We are focused on often complicated itineraries and at times extremely urgent travel needs of aid workers and we are willing to go above and beyond. We try everything in our power to enable them to help those who need it most to the best of their ability.

Sometimes we’re required to contact individuals instead of their humanitarian organization. This mostly happens during a calamity or unusual situation. For instance, during the last Lufthansa strike in 2014. We had to inform a Rwandan passenger, who only spoke French, from our Tilburg office that his flight was being rebooked. Luckily, French is spoken by several people working at the office. Meaning we could deliver the message swiftly and correctly, and the Rwandan client could proceed with his travel without too much hassle.

A similar situation occurred when someone at our Tilburg office needed to call a client in Bolivia. His flight was cancelled because of the terrible terrorist attacks in Brussels, causing the necessity to rebook his flight. Speaking multiple languages turned out to be invaluable again since the traveler only spoke Spanish. By helping him in his native tongue we could provide the service which fits his need.

While Spanish and French are common languages in The Netherlands, our staff was most recently put to the test by an Arabic passenger. She wanted to know if her visa for the Netherlands was in order, and called our office for an inquiry. That’s something we’re familiar with, only that the translator had just left. Our travel agent faced a difficult time trying to assist since the passenger only spoke Arabic. A colleague picked up her bumbling on the phone and provided assistance since she spoke a few words of Arabic. This solved the problem of both the travel agent and the client!

Contact us anytime you deem convenient should you be in need of advice regarding any aspect of humanitarian travel. Get in touch with the nearest office via our quick address locator. Our communication options are possible from any part of the world, whether you’re giving aid in the field or working at a NGO’s office.