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Security Advice Surges 800%

New figures on security advice from International SOS reveal that the demand for travel security advice has grown by nearly 30 per cent. Security advice increased in the last decade by 800 per cent. International SOS and Control Risks show that on average, more than 100 business travelers and international assignee’s per day have been given security advice in the past year.

Both organizations are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their strategic alliance. They handled over 5.3 million pre-travel advisories and more than 100,000 situation development/crisis alerts including security advice. David Johnson, CEO of Security Services said to BBT: “Globalization and an increasing emphasis on duty of care has brought the necessity of robust security risk management programmes to the forefront of the corporate agenda, and business leaders have become increasingly aware that this is an essential aspect of business resilience.”

What Is Duty Of Care?

It is an employer’s responsibility centered on best practices to address health and safety obligations for employees. That is what Duty of Care is. Read more about your NGO’s responsibility in the case of Steve Dennis. It’s a trifecta of due diligence, risk management and Duty of Care. As an organization, it’s critical to mitigate your risk by staying abreast of the latest rules and regulations when it comes to these important topics. As a result disruptive events such as bombings, hostage crisis, virus outbreaks, natural disasters and on-demand economy require a keen understanding of travel risk management and steps required to minimize risks for people and operations. This also helps manage costs associated with response, recovery, lost productivity and liability.

24/7 Care And Security Advice

We recognize the importance of contacting us 24/7 and staying abreast of events around the world. You want to know how they may impact you and your operations. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency support and security advice:

  • 24/7 travel consultant support for your emergency needs
  • Rotating crisis management team
  • 24-hour manager on duty
  • Security Advice
  • Four levels of internal crisis management procedures
  • Established client level notification protocols.

Raptim Care For Our Partners

Raptim Care is our Duty of Care service to our partners. We ensure that travelers get where they’re needed most, and, especially, back home again as we value Duty of Care. When traveling with Raptim you gain access to the powerful monitoring and communication tools for your trip booked through us. You will receive customized options based on the size and scope of your work and Duty of Care analysis. Here you can learn more about Raptim Care. Please contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions at all regarding Duty of Care.

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