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Saving Those Who Serve the World

The following is a partial reprint of an article written by Raptim Humanitarian Travel’s travel consultant, Henderina Stubbe. The article vividly illustrates the commitment that Raptim brings when we become your advocate and how we value the relationships we share with you, our customers who serve the world. Across the entire RHT network these “rescues” happen every day!

Saving or serving those who serve the world?

There’s a fine line between “to serve those who serve the world” and “to save those who serve the world”. We learned from close up when in December 2013 heavy fighting started in Juba, the Capital of South Sudan, a very young country who got independence only in 2011. Tensions and conflicts built up and finally exploded on the 15th and 16th December when heavy gun fighting filled the streets of Juba and from there spread out within days to several places around the country deepening the violence.

A humanitarian organization served by Raptim counts South Sudan as one of their biggest missions with 14 projects in 7 states. Those projects are focused on mother-child care and AIDS. As the outbreak escalated, they made the decision to evacuate staff from Sudan. We, as Raptim, had to find possibilities and flights to get the workers out of the country.

As we were diligently working on the evacuation, another client was acting as a mediator for the peace negotiations in the neighboring country of Ethiopia. For that reason, we had to fly a government delegation of Sudanese translators, religious leaders and local staff of our client organization from Juba and other regional cities to Addis Ababa. On the 23rd January, the first fragile cease-fire was signed by the delegations.

On the 30th January, the same day that our humanitarian client organization was fleeing with severely injured patients, a broader cease-fire was signed by the delegation of the government.

To be confronted with an evacuation on one hand and bringing people together for peace negotiations on the other hand, is part of what makes our work so very special and fulfilling.

By Henderina Stubbe

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