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How to Save on Travel Expense

Unnecessary costs are always unwanted and can be detrimental to humanitarians and their budgets. It is best to spend those resources on your cause and not on fees and penalties.

Helping you Save on Travel Expense

We hope to be able to help humanitarians successfully undertake the countless projects that they are passionately and selflessly involved in any way possible. We look to share some insights with you on why a specialized, service-oriented travel company, which offers flexible itineraries, is the most outstanding choice for humanitarian travel. Outlined below are five exclusive tips to save money on your travel expenses.

Special Fares and Flexibility

Previously we addressed the importance of flexible arrangements and services. Because of our top-level contracts with most major airlines, we have differentiated ourselves from other travel management companies. Humanitarians need flexible fares that won’t cripple their resources if unexpected changes are necessary.

8 Tips To Save On Travel Expense

Remember these eight simple tips to save money. Please contact us should you have any questions.

1. GateGuru app

With GateGuru, you get a nice, clear and well-detailed map of any airport terminal. This map includes reviews for shops and restaurants, which will prevent you from overpaying for a mediocre meal.

2. Bring your water bottle

Avoid paying too much money for a bottle of water. Instead, bring along an empty water bottle or a container with a built-in filter. This not only saves you money but is also eco-friendly.

3. Eat your own food

You will be able to save a quantifiable amount of money on food at the airport by bringing your own packed meal. Even after you’ve boarded the plane, you will still enjoy your home-cooked delicacy.

4. Public transport

On arrival at your destination airport, you can save a considerable sum of money by taking public transportation instead of a taxi. Bear in mind that this may not be possible for all destinations. You will need to conduct some research on the local public transport system before departure to prevent any confusions that may arise. Or call for an Uber taxi, don’t forget to install their app before departure.

5. Weigh your luggage

Some airlines charge a lot of money when the weight of your baggage exceeds the maximum weight limit permitted. Check the maximum permissible weight before departing to prevent any unforeseen surprises at check-in.

Remember, do not use oversized bags as they may create an impression. Try keeping it all in one bag for each person.

6. Use the sharing economy

Need to stay over during your trip? You can often find cheaper accommodation all over the world through Airbnb. And you can share a car with BlaBlaCar. Save money on banking fees.

7. Avoid currency exchange at the airport

You almost always get the worst exchange rates, and this may bring a feeling of desolation. To get the best rates, use an ATM or credit card. You can also visit your bank before departure to obtain foreign currency. Here are some additional resources.

8. Use an unlocked phone

Using an unlocked phone allows you to buy and use SIM cards in every country that you visit, proving you with local rates. You pay a fraction of what your provider wants to charge you.

We Help You to Travel Where it is Needed Most

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is needed most. As a global humanitarian travel organization, we devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world. You can reach our experienced staff at any given time. Please use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions.