ND045 - Ryanair and easyJet change cabin-baggage policy
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Ryanair and EasyJet change cabin-baggage policy

Ryanair and EasyJet, the two most popular airlines in Europe, are changing their cabin-baggage policy. Both airlines are experiencing huge load factors, and therefore they are choosing a different solution to deal with the issue.

Ryanair reduces number of cabin-baggage

Travelers with Ryanair who want to take two bags on the aircraft now have to pay extra for priority boarding. From 1st November, travelers have to pay £5 (5 Euro, 6.5 US Dollars) to board ahead of the rest and will be able to take two bags on board. The rest of the queue will have to deposit the larger bag at the departure gate. On arrival, it can be picked up again from the baggage carousel. Without giving up the bag, for instance, if it contains valuables, travelers will not be allowed to travel. This new policy is applicable for all flights from November 1st onwards including the flights that have been booked before.

At the same time, Ryanair reduces its standard fee for checked-in baggage from £35 to £25. The weight limit is also increased, from 15kg to 20kg. The airline, which is Europe’s largest, claims that the change is not motivated by profit. The “load factor” has increased from 82 to 97 per cent, after the airline relaxed its cabin baggage policy in 2014. Since then, passengers have been allowed to bring two bags, meaning there are around 25 more cabin bags to be fitted in.

EasyJet faces a similar problem. In August, they had to deal with a 96.3 per cent load factor, a record this far. The budget airline launched a new service which allows passengers to check-in their hand baggage. The “hands free” option is designed to encourage people to leave items at the airport bag drop area before they go through security. The service will cost £4 per person and passengers can also choose to pay £10 for a group bundle per flight, for a maximum of six people. The bags will have a priority tag and will be carried in the hold. After reaching the destination, the airline says the “hands free” bags will be among the first to hit the luggage belt. Small plastic bags will be provided to passengers choosing the option. With these bags, they're able to carry their essential items and still able to take any items they purchased in the airport before the flight.

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