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Renting a Car on Your Humanitarian Travel

Limited accessibility to your destination is a common problem for humanitarian travelers. This is essentially attributed to transportation challenges that come along with a man-made crisis or a natural disaster. Renting a car gives you numerous advantages compared to using public transport and taxis.

When renting a car is an absolute necessity

For example, you’ve landed at your humanitarian destination, which just suffered from a terrible earthquake, after a long flight from Houston. You’re feeling extremely exhausted and worn out. But, you are desperate to help those who need it most and as soon as possible. You realize that the local infrastructure is severely crippled and therefore forcing you to rely on public transport. At such times, taxis are often unavailable. In a nutshell, third-party services are unable to get you to your location. Renting a car is your safest bet to handle such an obstructing situation.

But this isn’t the only situation when car rental is beneficial compared to public transport or taxis. Car rental vouches for substantial savings when you need to make a significant mileage during your humanitarian group travel. This will come in handy especially when your group consists of five or seven humanitarians since that is the capacity of most rental cars. If your group, however, is made up of around 15 humanitarian aid workers, then renting a large vehicle, such as a van, is more advisable and efficient. Also, a large Jeep or SUV can take your travel group through rough terrain. Other benefits include:

  • You can define your route or take alternate routes
    Unlike with the public transport, you can practically go anywhere you want with a rented car.
  • Get a car that fit your likes and needs
    Pick your car based on the amount of passengers, fuel consumption, cargo space and terrain type.
  • No matter where you are, the agency delivers the car to you
    Start driving immediately after you’ve landed. This way, you will waste no time waiting for public transport.
  • A car is almost always faster to reach a determined destination
    Apart from high-speed bullet trains and busy traffic, a car is almost always faster than public transport.
  • Most car rental agencies provide new models, thus considerable savings on gasoline
    Modern cars don’t use as much gas as you’re possibly used to. Gasoline costs don’t have to be expensive when you can divide the total costs between all your passengers.
  • You never have to worry when the car breaks down
    In such an occurrence, the agency will provide another vehicle at no charges. This will give you a peace of mind especially during humanitarian travel. That’s a much welcome thought since your mind is already set on helping those who need it most.

We work closely with multiple car rental agencies. Please contact any of our 17 offices should you need more information about renting a car at humanitarian locations. Our dedicated travel consultants are always ready to help.