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Recreating the Raptim logo to represent all of us

Leading up to the launch of our new global organization – Raptim Humanitarian Travel – we have been on an extensive journey to create one vision and one voice that fits all of us. So that we can step forward as one global group, under one name. Our new logo is one of the outcomes of this journey.

The brand-new Raptim logo was adapted from different previous logos, adding a modern touch – and a burst of color, too. A circle was used as its basic shape. “This symbolizes the world and the field of our work. The circle also represents continuous motion and movement,” says designer Isi De Jongh.

“Our new logo is one of the outcomes of our search for one vision and one voice that fits all of us. ”

“The shape of the birds and the polygon that were part of previous logos were given a new geometric shape in the circle,” he says. “They symbolize complex itineraries as well as the literal meaning of the word ‘Raptim’: with speed and urgency.”

The colors are a mix of blue and red. Indigo blue, to be precise, which represents dignity, confidence, determination and wisdom. And rhodamine red for passion, loyalty, pragmatism, truth, and caring.

“When you put the two together, you get a modern combination of expertise and passion,” according to Isi. “These are precisely the qualities that distinguish Raptim from the crowd.”