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Raptim’s Texas office moves into new offices

Texan office has shifted its offices from Irving to the Texan Trail office park in Grapevine

Our Texan office in Irving has successfully moved to a new office in Grapevine. Still located in the Dallas area, the office operates in an open-space form, encouraging greater interactions and teamwork amongst staff.

The new office provides lots of natural daylight creating a more healthy and positive working environment. Staff are able to operate in close knit teams and in a more organic manner, enabling them to share best practices and expertise. “Everyone embraces the open-space form. We all sit together as a team, including managers. There are no wall divides or desk partitions, just openness, Chief Sales Officer Karbun Tang explains.”

“There are no wall divides or desk partitions, just openness.”

Karbun Tang, Chief Sales Officer

The Texas office has grown from 3 regular office based staff to 10, housing operations, vendor management and sales, all sitting together. Based in the Grapevine office are travel consultants Nikki Misedhi, Chris Gurira, Marissa Ellis, Keleigh Taylor, Lizzie Baliozian, Angela Campos-Johnson, Lorena Albright, Operations Manager Beth Banfill, Vendor Manager Jason Bontrager and Chief Sales Office Karbun Tang.

Grapevine is located in the heart of North Texas, close proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth, just minutes to DFW airport. The town itself boasts many artisan shops, an outlet mall for those avid shoppers and many wineries.