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Raptim’s role in the fight against climate change

Making an impact by offsetting carbon emissions

This week world leaders will meet for the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference in order to achieve an universal agreement on climate. In advance to this conference the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) have come together to speak out about why they take action against offsetting carbon emissions. As part of this initiative Raptim has looked into integrating compensation as part of their emissions management strategy.

Raptim is one the frontrunners when it comes to applying sustainable travel. As a travel organisation we operate in a sector which has relatively high CO2 emissions. Nonetheless, we try to help those traveling to help others do this in the most socially responsible way possible.

“Climate change is real. There is no doubt about it,” according to Raptim CEO, Bart Kruijsen. “ The effects are already being felt. Especially in countries to which our clients travel there is work to be done.”

“Offsetting is a natural way to take responsibility.”

Bart Kruijsen, Raptim CEO

The Climate Neutral Group (CNG) advises organizations with regards to ensuring the sustainability of their organization, product and services. CNG is a member of ICROA, which helps maintain carbon offsetting according to internationally recognized standards and administered processes. As a part of CNG’s ‘ Coalition of doing’, Raptim helps contribute to solving the climate problem by learning, inspiring and addressing other organisations who are also part of this group. Everyone should stand up and take their responsibility. “That's why I think it’s important for us to advise our contacts and thus contribute to a better world,” Bart explains.

For more information on this issue watch an in-depth interview with Raptim CEO, Bart Kruijsen.