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Raptim’s Organizational Goals for Continuing Success in 2017

We’ve been serving compassionate humanitarians for over 67 years. Throughout our history, we have been dedicated to getting you where you’re needed most. We want to continue this satisfying service for many years to come by further improving our organization in numerous ways.

Dedicated to further improve  

We went through a global rebranding back in 2015. Many of our different brand names such as MTS, Menno Travel, Multatuli, Raptim Travel and McTavish merged into one global brand and visual identity called ‘Raptim Humanitarian Travel’. While these brand names were recognized travel partners and authorities in their respective community of humanitarian travel, we had to build on getting our joint name ‘Raptim Humanitarian Travel’ out in the world.

Our organizational goal is to get over500,000 humanitarian travelers where they are needed most, to help, to act and improve living standards. We intend to do this in a proud and profitable way, created as one global organization. Here’s what we have in store for 2017.

First up is the implementation of three brand new products and services:

  •          Raptim Care: a state-of-the-art duty of care solution which will help you with risk management and traveler tracking.
  •          Raptim Compass: an online search and booking tool.
  •          Raptim Profiles: offering online profile access to our customers

However, our organizational goals are not only about new products, but we're also dedicated to improving our process to manage your travel requirements even better than before.  This includes the improvement of response time on e-mails and phone calls and expanding our offers regarding alternative travel options. This will make our services more efficient and convenient for you, so you just have to concentrate on doing what you do best, that which your heart deeply desires; helping those in need.  We’re also planning to increase our impact by increasing our global ticket volume and our authority in the humanitarian travel community by providing valuable travel information to a growing audience.

Questions may arise when you’re browsing through our website. About the flexibility of itineraries, traveler tracking, risk management or medical information. We offer support for your entire humanitarian travel. Thanks to our global organizational structure, consisting of multiple offices on different continents, there is always an office nearby. Consult our quick address locator to contact any of our offices should you have any questions.