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Raptim: our values and beliefs

You, humanitarian aid workers, are a people of compassion. Humanitarian work is a special, delicate type of business as a substantial amount of funds collected by an NGO are gifts; financial gifts that are appropriated with an immediate goal in mind.

An introduction to our values and beliefs

It is of the utmost importance that your funds are appropriately spent for their cause; helping the people who need it the most. That is why our core values and beliefs are specifically focused on serving humanitarians.

Humanitarian organizations are not about making money. It’s about the cause you care for. It’s all about making the world a better place and putting a smile on the faces of vulnerable people and we’re proud to be serving such organizations. However, we understand that traveling is only a small part of your activities. We aim to develop an open, honest and long lasting relationship with each of our clients as we have done in the past. We are passionate about humanitarian work just as much as you and your NGO is. This drives us to go that extra mile to meet the unique travel requirements of volunteers and aid workers. Hopefully, we can exceed your needs and expectations! This way of working sharpens our thinking and continuously improves our expertise.

Our work is based on five key values: respect, responsibility, expertise, compassion and service. Every travel consultant keeps these values in mind in every activity they undertake. These values were at the very heart of Raptim when we first started in 1949 and have remained our cornerstones ever since. As a humanitarian travel company, we always strive to serve those who serve the world at the very best of our abilities. We help them to reach vulnerable locations that need help.

“"After we've finished a trip, they always check in with us to evaluate and to make sure that everyone was comfortable and enjoyed their trip.””

Edwin Onyancha (country director, Dorcas, Kenya)