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Raptim staff members travel the world to be inspired

Raptim actively encourages its staff members to travel to its offices around the world, in order to get acquainted to their colleagues, share specific knowledge and expertise and experience different cultures. It does so by way of its staff exchange program. Since the unification of Raptim worldwide, over 20 staff members have traveled to another office and experienced the daily working life of their colleagues around the world.

Underlying the program is the idea that staff exchanges provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. It helps staff to learn new skills, get accustomed to new perspectives and – overall – to find motivation and inspiration.

“Sending staff around the world helps us all to feel even more committed and ambitious.”

Gabrielle Dullaart, Raptim global communications manager

“To truly become a worldwide organization, we need to establish an organizational culture that is based on trust, openness, respect and personal and organizational growth,” Gabrielle Dullaart, Raptim’s global communications manager, explains. “Sending staff around the world helps us all to feel even more committed and ambitious.”

“One of the big advantages of the program is that it allows our staff members to exchange knowledge. As a result, our expertise as an organization grows,” Gabrielle says. “And not just while they are away on their trips. After they return to their home offices, participating staff members report to their local colleagues. All of this helps us to grow a collective culture that is firmly grounded in the values and beliefs that have fueled our company for all those years. We continue to build a strong global team which operates seamlessly. This way we can continuously improve the customer experience and provide a service that goes beyond office hours in a specific country.”

An added benefit of the program is that participating travel consultants gain first-hand experience that helps them to even better advise their clients. “We are a travel organization. That’s why we want to encourage our staff to travel themselves, too. When they have experienced a certain airline, a specific seating arrangement, or an airport first-hand, they are better able to advise our customers based on their own experience."