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Raptim staff joins forces to transform offices around the globe

Just 2 weeks before the official worldwide launch of the new Raptim Group, our staff around the globe joined forces to transform their offices to fit our new visual identity. A real revolution took place in which each office went through a thorough make-over. And perhaps most importantly, the joint effort exposed the true spirit of our company: our people are passionate and engaged, even when it comes to painting their offices.

In preparation of the big day, boxes were shipped all over the world from the Netherlands. They contained everything needed: brushes, color cards, tape, and even coveralls. An email sent around the world on the day before read as follows: “Make sure you wear something old tomorrow, just in case things get messy!”

“Make sure you wear something old tomorrow, just in case things get messy!””

This is how our global make-over project began. And a lively series of Facebook updates followed, including pictures, commentary and videos of our staff around the world.

“Love the new color,” Jason Bontrager at our Texas office commented on the new walls of his office.

Another picture shows Tim Childs at our Ephrata office, holding his paint-stained shoe up and pointing it towards the camera. The caption reads: “First casualty.”

Our Kenyan colleagues posted a picture of themselves on a tea break, in front of a freshly painted hot pink wall.

Another image shows our colleagues in Rome on St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City holding up big pictures of the new Raptim logo, along with the comment: “This is the next office we plan to decorate.”

A picture of our Tilburg office shows colleagues painting while others are on the phone helping out customers. “Final painting in Tilburg! In the meanwhile, reservations are also being handled. Multitasking day!”

Our worldwide office make-over project turned out to be a great success - exposing our staff members' great enthusiasm, commitment, energy and dedication.

And the end results are impressive: each office is now painted and decorated in accordance with Raptim’s brand-new visual identity – each one with its own personal touches, perfectly emphasizing our unity in diversity around the world. We look forward to our joint adventures in the future.