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Raptim Humanitarian Travel 70 years anniversary!

April 12th is the 70th anniversary since Raptim pioneered the world of humanitarian travel by air. Since 1949 the Raptim team has served the humanitarian community with passion and compassion. Getting people who do good in the world to where they are needed most.

Today we take a moment together to contemplate on what we have achieved in those 70 years, how we have transformed as an organization over the years and be proud of where we are today.

As we are working hard in joining with our Key Travel colleagues in the coming months, we want you to know that we bring commitment, experience, and expertise from our heritage that we take along with us every day. That makes us proud of who we are, and what we stand for.

We are looking forward to the next 70 years simplifying travel complexity to enable those who do good to accomplish their goals of supporting, healing and educating people worldwide.

70 years of experience in humanitarian travel

By learning from our history, we try to improve our organization on a day to day basis. Every day, we are learning from humanitarian aid workers around the globe and share this information with our clients and on this website. Making sure we can help those who need it most to the best of our abilities is what drives us.

Highlights from our archives

We pioneered the world of humanitarian travel by air. At a time when ships were the only means of traveling to developing countries, our founders chartered a Dakota to fly missionaries from Amsterdam to Entebbe. Thanks to Raptim’s vision, humanitarian travel would change forever.

On 8 October 1947, that great first plane departed from Amsterdam. Fifteen missionaries headed for Uganda were on board. It soon turned out that air travel was far faster and cheaper than ships. Above all, missionaries saved time and money that could be reinvested in their work. 

We found great other things in our archives like meeting minutes dating back to 1949, as well as historical images and a wealth of correspondence between Raptim offices and their customers. Here’s one we love.

Handwritten plane tickets.
In the seventies, there were no computers at the office. All business activities were conducted using telex; a network of teleprinters, not many people are familiar with nowadays. It’s quite similar to a telephone network that could send text-based messages. Tickets were handwritten at the time. A fare expert would handle manual calculations all day to determine the cost of complex itineraries. They were just as complex as they are today.


Advertising and cabin attendants

Some more great photos from our archives. The first is an advertisement from the seventies.

And did you know we had our own Raptim cabin attendants?

The next 70 years Humanitarian Travel – Raptim joins Key Travel

Today, Raptim’s mission has not changed but scaled into a global organization. Therefore, this merger will enable us to serve better customers who travel to do good in the world. By combining scale, capabilities and shared values of compassion and service, we can help more people travel to do good. Together we will be even more impactful in reducing travel cost and complexity for customers. Together we will become a global humanitarian travel organization, devoting ourselves to serving those who serve the world. You can reach our experienced staff anytime. Please use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions.