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Raptim announces Unitas Rejser as its first Humanitarian Travel Franchise organization

Today Raptim Humanitarian Travel, the global organization dedicated to meeting the uncommon travel needs of humanitarian organizations, announced Unitas Rejser as its first Humanitarian Travel Franchise organization. This new franchise concept allows Raptim to bolster its worldwide presence and to get even more people where they are needed most.

Raptim and Unitas, passionate likeminded people

As a Raptim Humanitarian Travel Franchise, the humanitarian travel activities of Unitas Rejser will be fully integrated into the global Raptim organization. Raptim Humanitarian Travel has the ambition to grow and serve 500.000 humanitarian travelers in 2020 by getting them where they are needed most. This expansion will come from organic growth from existing offices, and by creating partnerships with like-minded organizations like Unitas Rejser. 

“The selection of a franchise agency is based on something that we believe is authentic. And therefore a true added value to the organization: the value of passionate likeminded people that share our belief and vision,” says Bart Kruijsen, Managing Director of Raptim Humanitarian Travel.  “This is the foundation of the connection. What follows is a pragmatically organized implementation of operations, branding & training. But the like-mindedness is the key.”

For almost forty years Raptim is working together with Unitas Rejser, the market leader in humanitarian travel in Denmark, focussing on NGO’s and missionary organizations. Owned by the Danish YMCA YWCA and based in Silkeborg, Unitas Rejser serves over 120 humanitarian organizations in Denmark. Among these are the Danish Red Cross, SOS Children Villages, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Action Aid and ADRA Denmark. Unitas Rejser also offers travel packages for groups such as students and schools. These activities will continue under the Unitas Rejser brand name.

Our work is based on five key values: respect, responsibility, expertise, compassion and service. Every travel consultant keeps these values in mind in every activity they undertake. These values were at the very heart of Raptim when we first started in 1949 and have remained our cornerstones ever since. As a humanitarian travel company, we always strive to serve those who serve the world at the very best of our abilities. We help them to reach vulnerable locations that need help.

Unitas Rejser benefits from the unique position Raptim created in the humanitarian travel community by having access to all our global and local agreements with airlines and other providers. Not only the strong global brand, but also the extended global customer database will support Unitas to grow its local customer base, by serving local branches of global humanitarian organizations

“We are happy and proud to join the market leading travel organization for NGO’s, Raptim Humanitarian Travel. In fact, this is a natural step for us, as we have been partners for years anyway. It was apparent in the discussions between Unitas Rejser and Raptim Humanitarian Travel, that we are likeminded in more than just operations. We focus on the niche, and want to benefit our clients and travelers by what we’re doing – and the reason we are doing it - every day,” says Morten Lysdal Damgaard, managing director Unitas Rejser.

Teaming up at this stage allows us to serve our clients in a more efficient manner, gaining access to new tools, new and improved services. With this move we strengthen our commitment to help and serve the Danish missionary and humanitarian organizations.

Due to our corresponding goals of helping people, we are closely related to humanitarian organizations such as NGOs, volunteer, and faith-based organizations. Want to learn more about our vision and goals as a travel management company? Be sure to browse through our News & Community page. Also, read some of our other humanitarian blog posts.