234 – World Refugee Day 2017
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Planning Humanitarian Trips that Change Lives

Every day we are proud to serve multiple compassionate organizations who try to improve the lives of many. That is one of the reasons that responsible citizens, humanitarians, and NGO professionals travel with us. We encourage everybody to use their skills to bring life-changing projects all around the globe. When you want to go, being prepared will reduce risks and help maintain your safety. Please continue to read to get some tips on how to plan a humanitarian trip.

Planning Humanitarian Trips

The first thing you should do is start with a broad search. What are your skills? Do any of them translate directly to a humanitarian field of work? If you like construction and woodworking, a humanitarian organization focused on rebuilding might be a good fit. Medical students are more likely to be focused on global health issues. These examples might seem obvious, but doing thorough research helps you get a clear picture. As we wrote in our post ”How to Find the Issue you Care about Most,” you should also make a short list of issues and organizations which focus on those issues which you believe are important.

Live-Saving Tips

We understand that no one expects the worst things to happen, but sometimes they do. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the worst especially when traveling to remote areas. Train yourself and your staff at least on the following issues:

  • Appoint, organize, and instruct designated staff in emergency response duties and responsibilities. Discuss and train on procedures which will prepare you to handle various situations: someone might be missing, a hostile environment surrounds you, or someone in your group gets sick. Communicate your plans and protocols to all employees and volunteers, so everyone is involved.
  • Make sure of precautionary travel immunizations are an essential step in your humanitarian travel planning. Here are some tips on where to get the right vaccines.
  • Sign up for the Duty of Care program to assure that your organization is meeting its obligations towards field workers and volunteers. Raptim Care makes it easier for you to stay connected with your people in the field or on a mission and to monitor them at any time in any given context. Our work doesn’t end until our travelers, your employees, are safe at home.
  • Follow a three-day Basic Safety & Security Course HEAT. This is where they teach you the necessary skills to travel and work overseas safely. And even if you an experienced field worker, you understand that the world is getting more and more dangerous for humanitarian aid workers. To deal with the increasingly difficult circumstances, the Centre for Safety developed the Advanced Safety & Security Course, or HEAT+. This course is much more intense than the basic course. Participants will go to a training ground and face even more simulations.

Know Before You Go

Our dedicated team is always ready to listen to your needs. They can help plan your next group or individual trip anywhere in the world, even to the most remote destinations. We specialize in arranging custom group travel services for international humanitarian and ministry travel and more! We will give you a Pre-Travel Advisory (PTA) based on the latest risk and context analyses carried out by a leading international risk company.

The ultimate humanitarian traveling list


Work With Our Team of Travel Experts

With offices around the world and our extensive Raptim Care program, we are available 24/7 to assist you with travel emergencies during your trip and in the field. This service is complimentary to all of our Raptim Travel passengers that apply for the Raptim Care program. We have chosen to do so as we understand the risks and have extensive experience with the complexities of remote-area mission and humanitarian travel.

Online tools

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make your job easier, so we’ve developed Raptim Care to help you stay in the know. Raptim’s reporting capability is comprehensive. Reporting functionalities include:

  • Airline queries; is there is an airline strike – who is flying?
  • Country risk level information; find all travelers in an extreme risk country for a given date range
  • Itinerary information; there is a strike Dubai, who has Dubai as a part of their plans?
  • Messaging per client queries; what communications have been sent? Results are broken out per account ID (AIAN).
  • Messaging queries; what communications have been sent to a specific person or set of people?
  • Traveler Geo-Fencing Location Reports
  • Traveler Contact Information Reports
  • Risk Summary Reports
  • Airport Flight Info Reports
  • Alert Summary Reports
  • Alert Summary Reports by Country

Discounted Airfare and Flexible Terms

As a humanitarian travel organization, we are a not-for-the-profit travel agency with offices around the world. We bring you to the most uncommon places on earth, so you can prevent illness, educate, train, educate, build or rebuild wherever you want. Our goal is to ensure that all those putting forth the effort to stop violence and create sustainable peace can do so with no restrictions, including mobility. That is why we devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world. By being a truly global travel organization.

We help you to travel

We are always available, willing to listen, and understand the changing needs of humanitarian, faith-based, and volunteer organizations. We hold contracts with all relevant international airlines to make sure you are offered both discounted airfare and flexible terms. Please contact our experienced staff for any questions about your trip to any place around the world. You can use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office.

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