233 - Three Inspirational Pictures of Faith-Based Travel
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Three Inspirational Pictures of Faith-Based Travel

Photographs of crisis in Syria, Nepal and DR Congo

Faith-based aid workers travel all around the world to help the less fortunate. They can be best described as people of priceless compassion. Their entire lives are dedicated to helping the people who need help most, even in the most remote locations. The following photo lineup offers a view into faith-based travel and aid work.

Faith-Based Travel in Syria

In this photograph, we see the Islamic Relief distributing aid in the Syrian villages of Atmah and Kah. Islamic Relief has been responding to the crisis in Syria since 2011. This organization is mostly active on the borders to provide essential humanitarian aid to people caught up in the war.

Islamic Relief also works deep inside the country to reach the most vulnerable and endangered families. Since the onset of the war in 2011, Islamic Relief has delivered more than $195 million worth of aid inside Syria and in neighboring countries. In that time, they have assisted millions of Syrians by distributing food packs, clothes and medical supplies to communities under siege.

Photo by: IHH / CC BY-NC-ND

Finn Church Aid helped in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake
When a devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, Finn Church Aid was one of the first aid organizations on the scene. They immediately began moving on cash transfers, so that people could acquire the things they most needed, like medicine. Finn Church Aid helped re-open the schools as quickly as possible, as continuing studies is an important form of psycho-social support for children shocked by the earthquake. Going to school provides a safe, everyday routine for them, which helps them recover from the traumatic experiences they’ve had.


Photo: LWF Nepal

Humanitarian hotspot in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

People returned from Kasala village are seen in this picture, an example of faith-based travel. They are awaiting food distribution by Christian Aid. In 2017, the Kasai region became the latest “humanitarian hotspot” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to the UN, More than one million people are estimated to be currently displaced since the violence started in Kasaï. Christian Aid is one of the 40 humanitarian organizations that are responding to the crisis borne out of armed clashes that erupted in August 2016


Photo: Joseph Mankamba/OCHA-DRC

We are proud to contribute to the actions of faith-based organizations by arranging their travel to remote location so they can help vulnerable people. If you want to learn more about our inspirations, vision, and goals as a travel management company, then browse through our daily updated News & Community section.