Our Partners - Partnerships

Working with like-minded organizations

Global and local partners

At Raptim we are always excited to forge new partnerships with like-minded global and local organizations. One of the most important things we look at in a potential partner is that their values align with our own. By complementing each others expertise and service with a global or local impact we try to offer our clients an unique and complete package for the humanitarian travel community.

We believe in having open, honest and lasting relationships with our clients. By working with like-minded organizations – especially organizations which believe in serving those who serve the world – we know that we can accomplish so much more in the humanitarian travel community. That is why we carefully select our partners that share our vision.

Our partnerships can take many different forms as long as they fit into our vision. One of the key ingredients to every successful partnership is synergy to working to a common goal. The essence of our partnerships, be it global or local, is that we mutually benefit from working together to make the world a better place