Our story - What inspires us

The values that drive Raptim’s passion

Respect, responsibility, expertise, compassion – and service

From the moment Raptim was founded in 1949, our work was based on values. Respect, responsibility, expertise, compassion – and service. As we’ve grown, these values have remained at the very core of our company. They are not only part of our mission. Our values are also a unifying force among our people, throughout the world of Raptim.

At Raptim, we devote our energies to serving the people who serve the world. What with our history, service is a natural part of who we are and what we do. The ability to meet (and even exceed) the needs of our clients fuels our passion. And sharpens our thinking, so our expertise continuously improves.

“Gaining more knowledge of our clients' actual practice in the field is a great way to stay even more motivated to help them with their travel needs.”

Jacco Draaijer, Raptim sales and account manager

Raptim’s work reaches beyond travel. Our work is important to our clients – and to the people they help. So we always keep the complete picture in mind as we make travel arrangements to those uncommon destinations we know so well.

This focus raises our awareness, and drives our passion to identify and anticipate our clients’ needs. It’s a heritage of doing our very best, so others can do their good work where they are needed most.

We work so closely with our clients, we have developed open, honest and lasting relationships. Because we work with compassion, we naturally go that extra mile – whether we’re providing the best possible service, enabling humanitarian care, or simply listening so we can learn how to be more helpful.