Our Services - Lynn Thornton

“Staff at Raptim go above and beyond.”

Lynn Thornton, Executive Director of VIDEA

“As a small international development organization VIDEA finds the work of Raptim Humanitarian Travel to be an essential compliment to our programme delivery. We have worked with Raptim for over 4 years now and rely on their knowledgeable, committed and patient staff to take on the complex overseas flight bookings that would be difficult to manage with a limited staff body.”

“With multiple cohorts of interns and volunteers heading to Africa each year, ensuring value for money in our travel arrangements, alongside manageable flight schedules is no mean feat! Every year the awesome staff at Raptim go above and beyond, responding to last minute changes and emergencies, ensuring friendly service for those who haven’t travelled before, and making sure that competing needs are managed.”

“We consider Raptim to be an essential component of our programme delivery mechanism and are always grateful to have such dedicated professionals so close to hand!”