Our Services - Marianne Angeloni

“Sending 20 people across the world in 24 hours is a challenge.”

Marianne Angeloni, president, Secouristes sans Frontières

“Secouristes Sans Frontières has been working with Raptim for years. Raptim has proven to be the answer to our intricate needs. Our organization focuses on emergency aid in cases of natural disasters around the world.”

That’s why our humanitarian missions are always pulled together unexpectedly and in just a few hours’ time. Sending a team of twenty people across the world in just 24 hours is quite the challenge, but Raptim is up to it every time.”

“We are glad to say wholeheartedly that Raptim plays an important part in the success of our missions around the world. It’s been a flawless collaboration: with Raptim, we’re sure that we can always count on the assistance of their team that’s always available and eager to help.”