Our Services - Edwin Onyancha

“Very professional… especially with transport to rural areas.”

Edwin Onyancha, country director, Dorcas, Kenya

“We have worked with Raptim in Kenya (formerly Jet Travel) for as long as I remember and our experiences are very good, without exception. Raptim proves over and over again to be very professional when it comes to offering means of transportation around the country, especially to rural areas that are difficult to reach.”

“Raptim always guarantees value for money. They always check what option is cheapest and even negotiate on our behalf so that we get a better price. They are also very good in terms of follow-up.” 

“After we’ve finished a trip, they always check in with us to evaluate and to make sure that everyone was comfortable and enjoyed their trip. Raptim truly cares about its customers and its service is unmatched.”