Our Services - Dr. Caleb Oladipo

“No travel agent is as dedicated and competent.”

Dr. Caleb Oladipo, professor, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond

“The thing that sets Raptim apart from other travel agents is that Raptim is not satisfied until the passengers return from their trips. The dedication and professionalism of the staff are unmatched.”

“Raptim truly is on top of its game. Apart from securing the lowest airfare, Raptim informs us about airline regulations, luggage allowance, frequent mileage benefits, vaccinations that are required at our destination, and even makes seating arrangements so that we can all sit together inside the cabin.”

“In my two decades of traveling to different parts of the world, no travel agent is as dedicated, competent and professional as Raptim. Today, I will not go half-way around the world without asking Raptim to book my flights.”

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