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Our 24/7 Travel Service is Second to None

What’s more important that being there for those who need you at all times? We understand that one of our greatest features is our 24/7 service. Vulnerability is a time-sensitive phenomenon. Therefore, giving humanitarian aid isn’t a 9 to 5 job.

An always-on travel service

Our staff provides around-the-clock access to all our clients. They are focused on complicated itineraries and at times extremely urgent travel needs of aid workers and are willing to go above and beyond. They prioritize your requirements before anything else. What does our 24/7 service entail?

  • No closing hours
    We understand the world you work in. Humanitarian aid is critically needed in many uncommon destinations spread all over our entire globe. That’s why we believe humanitarian travel management companies should remain open at all times.
  • In-house staffing
    Our company handles everything; no matter the magnitude. Whenever you contact us, your call or mail will always be answered by our dedicated and experienced travel consultant. They are always ready to try their utmost in serving those who serve the world.
  • Crisis response
    Uncertainty is a norm in the life of humanitarians. In your world, unpleasant surprises will always arise; despite the good you’ve been doing throughout the year. Sometimes an urgent emergency lurks around the corner. Do not be overwhelmed. We offer 24/7 crisis response to help you deal with emergencies promptly.

Based on our decades-long experience in the world of humanitarian travel, we’re glad to explain the added value as detailed below.

  1. No closing hours
    Humanitarian work takes place at the most uncommon destinations on earth, spread over all possible time zones. The only way we can offer the level of service we think is necessary is by keeping our offices open 24/7, 365 days a year. This way, you can reach us anytime and from anywhere regardless of your mission. We are there for you; whether you’re improving education in Southern Argentina, or rebuilding towns and villages in Nepal. Even if you work at your NGO headquarters or out there in the field, you’re still always able to get in touch with us.
  2. In-house staffing
    Amazing customer service is paramount, right? To guarantee our consultants strive to give the best service, we never outsource. Our staff members are actively encouraged to travel to different Raptim offices around the world, to get acquainted with their colleagues, share specific knowledge and expertise besides experiencing different cultures. All of our travel consultants strive to improve on a daily basis. By gaining this first-hand experience through our exchange program, they’re better equipped to help our valued clients. This is something NGOs, humanitarian aid workers, volunteers and faith-based organizations can greatly benefit from, especially compared to the quality of anonymous outsourced customer service centers. It’s the people that matter most.
  3. Crisis response
    Imagine you’re out there in the world providing aid. You have worked tirelessly to bring much-needed food, personal hygiene products and essentials to residents of a war-struck region. Then, suddenly, militants block civilians from leaving. They deny you safe passage out of the city. This is quite a nerve-wracking situation we have here. After a couple of hours, the situation is resolved, and you're free to go. But due to delays, you’ve missed your flight home. By offering crisis response, our travel consultants will help you every day, every night. They won’t rest until they resolve your predicament and make sure that you are on your way to safety and your final destination.

We devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world. By being a genuine global organization, our experienced staff is reachable via diverse means of communication at any given time. Use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions.