253 - Not-For-Profit Advisory Forum Toronto
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Not-For-Profit Advisory Forum Toronto

Experts give insight into donor fatigue, digital marketing and duty of care

Raptim organized an Advisory Forum bringing together local and global experts with the aim of discussing matters of immediate interest to the not-for-profit community. The main topics of discussion were donor fatigue, duty of care and digital marketing.

Donor Fatigue

Donor fatigue is a general weariness and diminished public response to donate to charitable causes.  The not-for-profit community still has plenty of challenges to conquer in this front. There are too many events and causes vying for the donor’s purse, and there is a Generational difference in demonstrating philanthropy. NGO’s also need to tell their story and do this in a way such that people understand and know the cause.

But there are ways to make it easier for people to donate. Remedies for donor fatigue include mobile payments, online donations methods and tying donation to a campaign. Another great way to get people excited is to organize donor trips. Experiences in the field really can be transformative as well as educative.

Another important subject at the Not-For-Profit Advisory Forum in Toronto was duty of care. It remains a paramount issue for humanitarians. Pre-trip training and briefing, whether it is face to face or by video conferencing, is of great importance. In highly insecure situations there should be direct lines to field and humanitarians should have the training to be as safe as possible. After a trip, people in the field should be debriefed. Preferably face to face, because humanitarians often have to deal with stressful and traumatizing situations. Organizations should have a solid ‘Duty of care’ plan mapped out and figure out a way of ensuring people abide by rules of play. Emergency numbers, evacuation plans, and proper communication all need to be set up. Work with local partners to really understand the specific dangers of an area.

One of the upcoming features in the last decade is digital marketing. Organizations still struggle to find a blueprint on how to engage new subscribers and attract younger donors. Or how to bridge the gap between those running the platforms and millennials. We've learned that email engagement is declining and Facebook is not an effective way to connect people to your organization.

LinkedIn, Twitter and community blogging, however, appear to work much better. People want to be part of a conversation as in interactive social media and the more social marketing you use, the more engagement increases. Though you need a continuous input of new ideas from younger employees to get relevant content which will cause a lower unsubscribe rate.

Due to our corresponding goals of helping people, we regularly discuss not-for-profit developments such as in duty of care, digital marketing, and donor fatigue. Want to learn more about our vision and goals as a travel management company? Be sure to browse through our News & Community page. Also, read some of our other humanitarian blog posts, they are fully loaded with details and information regarding humanitarian-related issues.