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New non-stop flights announced in India

Humanitarian travelers depend on good connectivity so as to get to vulnerable locations in time. A number of Indian airlines are improving that connectivity by introducing non-stop flights across the country. Jet Airways now connects Mumbai with Madurai and Bagdogra. Indigo, another Indian airline, provides direct flights to Chennai from Madurai.

Jet Airways launches non-stop flights 

Jet Airways has introduced non-stop flights across its native country India. The airline has also increased the frequency between destinations to enhance connectivity in the Asian country.

On March 26, the carrier launched direct flights from Mumbai to Madurai. It is the first time an airline connects the financial center of India with Madurai, a major historical city which ranks among the most popular holy sites in India.

Another new service is the non-stop flight in the Mumbai to Bagdogra route, a major gateway for travelers on their path to Eastern India. Outside Mumbai, Jet Airways will also connect Jaipur with Chandigarh, Dehradun with Srinagar and Bengaluru with Kozhikode with non-stop flights.

This updated summer schedule will see Jet Airways boost its network to offer travelers almost 650 flights a day. The airline will operate a Boeing 737-800 with 12 business and 156 economy class seats.

Meanwhile, IndiGo is the latest additional airline to Madurai airport. The low-cost airline provides non-stop flights from Madurai to Chennai. The city, formerly known as Madras, is one of the biggest cultural, economic and educational centers in South India.

The Airbus 320 flight leaves Chennai at 9.20 in the morning and arrives at Madurai seventy minutes later. This provides a better connectivity to international passengers arriving at Chennai from various destinations early in the morning to reach the southern districts.

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