Mother Earth Day History
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Mother Earth Day History

International Mother Earth Day is quickly approaching, to be celebrated on April 22 across the globe. This year, the world will push for a World without Plastic Pollution, the annual focal theme for this special day. An important date in the global calendar, Mother Earth Day history dates back for decades, during which the United Nations and member states have taken a number of steps towards positive environmental action. Since then, it has tackled a number of central themes, including climate change, community mobilization, and forest preservation.

Importance of International Mother Earth Day

As the world began to gain consciousness of the human impact on our environment, it also became clear that raising awareness is an essential component of taking action. The very first Earth Day took place in 1970, and since then has played an important role in promoting greener, more environmentally friendly living. Each year, the UN sets a particular theme to focus the day around. This helps to highlight the most pressing issues on the current environmental agenda. It also serves to provide guidance on the type of individual and collective action people can take to preserve Mother Earth. Here are some of the past themes in the Mother Earth Day history:

2012: Mobilize the Earth

The premise in 2012 was to ensure global participating in caring for our planet. The Mobilize the Earth campaign encouraged communal action, where everyone around the world could come together to implement targeted actions, small or big, in preserving our environment.

2016: Trees for the Earth

Trees are essential for halting climate change. Internationally, forests are disappearing in favor of human settlements and businesses. However, each tree helps us to absorb harmful CO2 and allows for cleaner air. In 2016, Earth Day promoted awareness on this important issue.

2017: Environmental and Climate Literacy

Education is a basic stepping stone towards progress. That’s why last year, Earth Day promoted knowledge on the environment and climate change in all communities. This, to ensure that people know what is truly happening and can make informed decisions about their actions.

Mother Earth Day History

In 2009, the United Nations officially established what we know today as International Mother Earth Day. Each year, the global community celebrates it on April 22nd. However, the Mother Earth Day history dates back a few more decades. The first time the world celebrated Mother Earth Day was in 1970. Two years later, in 1972, the UN held a Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. This was a major step in promoting an agenda of interdependence between humans and our environment. In twenty years, 178 Governments became a party to the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. In spite of all these important steps, much still needs to be done to achieve the environmental objectives set out in the Sustainable Development Goals.

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