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We understand budgets, support-raising, and how they impact your mission.

We know you must be a good steward of the funds entrusted to you. With airfare costs being the biggest variable in your budget, it is imperative that you work with a company who understands your mission. That’s why we’ve negotiated specialized “missionary airfares” that offer features specific to the needs of the humanitarian traveler. In many cases, we can hold your reservations without deposit or obligation while you raise funds. Many of our tickets allow complementary extra bags and reduced cancel/change penalties—all designed to help your ministry dollars extend beyond the ticket price.

Individual and
group travel

We ask the right questions and offer personalized solutions!

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 passenger or 100 going to Latin America, Asia, or the most remote part of Africa. Our dedicated team of expert consultants will help you find the best option to get you and your team where you need to be. We don’t just sell you airline tickets, we support you in fulfilling your calling. That includes being here for you 24/7 to provide worldwide emergency service, staffed by our own people.
We take the time to bring clarity to the world of global travel. This industry is ever-changing and complex, and we are committed to helping you navigate the booking of your tickets with expert care and guidance along the way.


We pioneered missions travel and we know this industry!

Since 1947, Raptim’s sole focus has been in meeting the travel needs of churches, missionaries, faith based organizations, and humanitarian travelers.

We were the first in the travel industry to service this niche community, and we continue to be one of the world’s leading providers of airfare to the non-profit sector. Today, more than 300,000 mission workers rely on us for their air travel every year. Whether you’re a career missionary or planning a short-term trip, no one has more experience in getting you there (and back) than Raptim Humanitarian Travel.


Partnership Matters…

At Raptim Humanitarian Travel, we believe the world is a better place when missionaries and humanitarian travelers are able to travel to where they are called to go. We are your partner in travel; a partnership based on a mutual trust. We are more than just “a vendor.” We exist to serve as an extension of your ministry – a privilege we never take lightly. We are proud to be your partner in doing the very best for others around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard about “missionary / humanitarian fares”.
What kind of documentation is needed to use these fares?
In most cases, all you need is a signed letter on the non-profit organization’s letterhead stating your name and that you are traveling on their behalf.

Is the missionary fare always the best deal?
Not always. Sometimes our contract fares will save you thousands of dollars; other times the savings is in the extra baggage or reduced change fees. The great thing about working with our team of agents is that we do all the work for you to solve the airfare puzzle, then we present personalized options so you can make an educated choice.

How do I start partnering with Raptim Humanitarian Travel?
All you have to do is give one of our faith-based agents a call at 1 877 833 9474. If you prefer to contact us electronically, feel free to complete the quote request form by clicking on the CONNECT NOW button. We look forward to hearing from you and doing our best to help you fulfill your mission!

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