Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)
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Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) provides aviation and technology services to humanitarian agencies, as well as to isolated people in the world’s most remote areas. MAF can be found in the hardest-to-reach locations helping those who need it most.

With a fleet of 132 aircraft, MAF is able to reach the most remote corners of the world. Each year, MAF helps thousands of doctors, relief and development workers, missionaries, teachers and other humanitarian travelers overcome jungles, mountains, and great distances to reach their destinations. Mission Aviation Fellowship has more than 70 years of service and commitment. Raptim feels privileged to make a small contribution to MAF’s mission, and to take this step toward establishing a worldwide community of like-minded people.

Raptim and MAF are in the humanitarian transportation business and serve similar clientele. Although our two organizations specialize in different types of humanitarian travel, Raptim and MAF will work together, expanding our reach and providing extra convenience for our customers who travel to remote destinations. The agreement will be introduced in multiple phases over the coming years, benefiting those in the humanitarian travel community.

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Raptim Humanitarian Travel (RHT) both serve humanitarian travelers. RHT specializes in booking commercial travel to major airports all around the world. MAF specializes in transporting from major airports to remote airstrips. Our services are complementary.

By partnering with MAF we can offer you their air transportation so you can reach your final destination by air instead of ground transportation. MAF pilots save valuable travel time and cover seemingly impossible distances in minutes or hours compared to days by foot, road, or river.

If you wish to book a final destination to where MAF is flying to we provide you all contact information and destinations of MAF where you can directly book the last part of your flight:

MAF stations can be found in:


-Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Region

-Latin America

Click here for the complete list of contact information per destination.