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Mission Aviation Fellowship and Raptim Humanitarian Travel

You Have the Will, We Give You the Wings

The world needs compassion. It requires people who care enough to travel to the most unusual and vulnerable places on earth to help those in need live better lives; to alleviate suffering and to teach the art and means of living a better life. The world needs you!

Collaborating partners in the field of humanitarian travel

Countless humanitarian aid workers like you rise to the challenge of providing support, comfort and hope to people in need. Whether you’re helping affected people struck by disaster, alleviating children’s suffering or preventing disease, your presence is of the utmost importance at vulnerable locations where you’re needed most. Your compassionate efforts touch many hearts and put many smiles on the faces of disadvantaged people. Thank you!

It’s our job to get you there. Through the combined experience of Raptim Humanitarian Travel and Mission Aviation Fellowship, we can get you where you’re needed as a humanitarian ready to help.

You will find Mission Aviation Fellowship in the most unusual and hard-to-reach places. The local population is often cut off from the most basic needs such as clean drinking water, education, and electricity.

MAF’s team of dedicated and highly trained pilots manage a fleet of 132 aircraft. Also, they are comfortable with maneuvering light aircraft through rugged, inaccessible and mountainous terrains just to get you where you’re needed. To bring medicine and doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelists, food supplies, agriculture and clean water projects. Overcoming jungles and mountain ranges. They do this because they are passionate about helping disadvantaged people all around our planet, for over 70 years.

Mission Aviation Fellowship and Raptim Humanitarian Travel partner to serve humanitarian travelers. While Raptim specializes in booking commercial travel to major airports all around the world, MAF specializes in transporting from major airports to remote airstrips. This combined expertise proves to be a successful formula for humanitarian travelers, since together we can get anywhere to any location where they’re needed most. Do you have any questions at all? Never hesitate to contact us through our quick address locator!