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Why Ministry Travel is Different

You travel because you want more people to get to know Jesus. May God bless you in this work. It’s about helping people who live in poor living conditions. The world needs to hear about Jesus, and God needs people to travel to help these people. If you are one of those who want to undertake a mission, either through a church or through a mission organization, we want to serve you in the best way possible.

More than 300,000 people turn to us for their missionary and humanitarian travel every year. Whether you are doing a short-term mission trip or serving as a career missionary, traveling alone or taking a group of 100 or more, we are the most experienced travel agency to get you where you need to be. We look forward to hearing from you − Raptim Humanitarian

What we do: Best low airfares and itineraries

We at Raptim travel have been passionate about missions since our first charter mission in 1947. And since 1949, we have become the global leader for missionary travel to foreign countries. We are not a regular travel agency because we devote our energy and time to make sure we do everything we can to ensure that all of your money reaches others for the Lord. We want to be a blessing to missionaries, churches and mission organizations that work to reach more people for Christ each and every day. With that commitment, we always make sure you get the best prices for your travel.

We serve you

Togehter we work hard to find the best airfares and itineraries for your mission − the resource you can call for any questions about your travel at any time! We know that you may need help with travel related requests such as visas, vaccinations, rental cars, local customs and many other things. Please call us. And know that we also pray for everyone who travels with us.

We pray

Everyone going on a mission trip needs prayer partners. We pray for everyone on a mission. We pray as you prepare, and we pray while you are traveling. Please contact us if you have a specific request for prayer wishes and needs. Our prayers are your prayers! Our business promise is to be someone that you can get to know. You and we share the same goal: To make sure people all around the world can know Him.

We are a not-for-profit business enterprise

We believe the world is a better place when you can travel where it is needed most. This is what drives us. To make this happen, we build global partnerships with like-minded people. With those partnerships, we make an essential impact to help make the world a better place. Of course, we need monetary resources to achieve this goal. But, first and foremost, we are driven by our passion and our beliefs: To help make a difference, not only to make a profit.

Who we are

At Raptim Humanitarian Travel, we believe the world is a better place when missionaries and faith-based travelers are able to go where they are called to go. We are your partner in travel − a partnership based on a mutual trust. You entrust us with your mission dollars, and we in turn provide exceptional care for you, and many others within the missions community. We consider ourselves an extension of your ministry, and we do not take that privilege for granted. We confidently know that our ministry does not end when the sale is closed; it is multiplied through the work you do on the ground. We are “more than just a ticket”, as we share in the excitement and results you experience. It’s why we do what we do!