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Mandela Day

On July 18, every year, we celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday! Today, we know this date as Mandela Day. It commemorates this amazing humanitarian’s life and achievements. But, it is also a reminder for all of us to move towards implementing meaning change in the world. in 2018, Mandela Day will focus specifically on Action Against Poverty.

Who was Nelson Mandela?

You probably have heard his name before. Nelson Mandela is one of the most famous humanitarians in the world. He was a South African, anti-apartheid revolutionary. But unlike many others, he carried out his resistance in a peaceful manner.

For his beliefs and actions, Mandela served 27 years in prison but was released due to mounting pressure from the international community. Upon his release, he took part in negotiating the end of the apartheid era in South Africa. He also participated in the first, free, multiracial election in the country.

Today, he is a symbol of sustainable, enduring, and peaceful change. In fact, in 1993, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to ending the apartheid regime. Even after his passing in 2013, his legacy lives on.

Nelson Mandela

Mandela Day 2018

This year, Nelson Mandela would have turned 100 years old. Mandela Day celebrates the birth date of this incredible man, his life, and his legacy. However, and most importantly, Mandela Day is a reminder to each one of us to create positive change.

Mandela Day 2018 is first and foremost a celebration of the milestones in the world history towards long-lasting peace. At the same time, it’s a call to take action and to inspire real change. On July 18th, let’s take a step, no matter how small, towards making our planet a better place to live for everyone.

Action Against Poverty

Mandela Day chooses a specific central theme to focus on each year. In 2018, it is Action Against Poverty. Despite the belief that the overall quality of life is getting better, billions of people continue to live in poverty today. It is one of the world’s worst afflictions and one which creates inequality and unnecessary suffering.

For this reason, the central theme for this year is to take meaningful and sustainable action against poverty. Hundreds of organizations in the world are already doing so every day. Let’s join them in the effort to eradicate poverty and improve the quality of life of every person.

On Mandela Day, use #ActionAgainstPoverty to share your ideas, actions, and inspiration.

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