© Photo taken by Dave Forney.
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Making a real difference in the lives of the Nepalese people

One of Raptim’s long-time clients, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), is working hard to contribute to the relief effort after the devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal late April. MAF is on the ground in Nepal, coordinating much needed helicopter transportation to remote areas so that humanitarian agencies can travel there and get to work.

“People in remote villages are among those hardest hit, and it has been nearly impossible for aid workers to reach them,” says Dianna Gibney, communications officer at MAF’s headquarters in Idaho. “Even before the quakes, travel was difficult in the mountains of Nepal, over trails or narrow mountain roads. Many of those roads and trails are now covered by landslides and have become unsafe,” she says. That’s why MAF has set up a helicopter response facility to enable relief workers to reach those in need. 

“The monsoon will start soon. This will make access to remote areas even more complicated.”

Dianna Gibney, MAF communications officer

Since the devastating earthquakes, MAF has carried out a vast number of flights, carrying over 1,000 passengers representing 48 different organizations, as well as massive amounts of food and supplies so that those affected have a chance at survival. “Our staff on the ground is working 11-hour days, 7 days a week,” says Dianna.

"The monsoon will start soon. This will make access to remote areas even more complicated, where hillsides have been severly damaged by the quakes and are expected to cause landslides. This will further limit transportation options over land," she predicts - thereby emphasizing the importance of MAF's mission.

At Raptim, we feel privileged and honored to make a small contribution to MAF’s mission that is proving essential to the progress of many relief organizations that are working on the ground in Nepal. We applaud MAF’s vision and perseverance to get things done under such difficult circumstances. They are making a difference in the lives of the Nepalese people and they are a real inspiration to us.