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List of 22 NGOs Keeping Peace

While peace is the dream of most, it is also one of the toughest areas of development and humanitarian work. The utopian goal of achieving world peace has been on people’s minds since the beginning of existence, yet somehow, we have not been able to reach it. That said, thanks to the many checks and balances put forth by global institutions, we live in some of the most peaceful times around the world. And while there is much room for improvement, it is important to recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations around the world who are working to keep the peace.

22 NGO’s Keeping Peace

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of NGO’s striving towards peace in today’s world, but Raptim has put together a list below of NGO’s keeping peace to highlight the important work they are doing. We have placed a particular focus on organizations working in peace negotiations, peace advocacy, supporting peacekeeping initiatives, and giving communities a strong voice in keeping the peace. If there is another organization that you think should be on the list, please let us know via Twitter @raptimhumtravel.

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1. Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT)

ACT has most of all been working in transforming violent conflict to peaceful conflict since 1999. They focus on education, youth, and innovation as the cornerstones of achieving their mission.

2. Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)

A member organization, AfP is a network of over 100 partners working together towards peacebuilding. Their goal is to ensure that resources are leveraged between their members in order to best tackle peacebuilding issues around the world.

3. Center for Citizen Peacebuilding (CCPB)

A part of the University of California, CCPB is a think tank and also a research body focusing on understanding peace around the world. As one of the leading research centers on peace, it conducts extensive research on peacebuilding both in the United States and globally.

4. Conciliation Resources

The core vision of Conciliation Resources is that peace takes time to build and that it must be sustainable over time. To achieve this, they work on long-term projects with communities affected by conflict, particularly through gender-based programs, education, mediation, and engaging armed groups.

5. Concordis International

Working around the world, Concordis International has the goal to transform violent conflict and create peace. Their programs are aimed at addressing the root causes of conflict, but also ensuring that communities are empowered with peacebuilding and mediation skills.

6. Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)

Founded by Nobel Peace laureate and former Finnish President Martii Ahtisaari, CMI focuses on dialogue and mediation as the principle solutions to ending violent conflict.

7. Enough Project

One of the main goals of the Enough Project is to create consequences for those who conduct atrocities and corruption causing violent conflict. Their principle geographic area of influence is Africa, and they implement their programs through research, advocacy, and furthermore campaigning for peace.

8. Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP)

Principally an advocacy group, the GNWP brings together women’s organizations and groups from around the world. Most of these are based in conflict-affected areas and promote the participation of women in peacebuilding efforts.

9. Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC)

This is also a membership organization, GPPAC is comprised of civil society organizations working through fifteen different regional networks. All have one thing in common—they are working towards conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

10. International Peace Bureau (IPB)

IPB’s vision is “A World Without War.” Their flagship program is Disarmament for Sustainable Development which promotes minimizing military spending and allocating these funds towards social development programming. IPB is comprised of over 300 member organizations from 70 countries.

11. International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR)

Another international organization on our list of NGOs keeping peace is the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. A global representation of cultures, spiritual traditions, and backgrounds, IFOR focuses their efforts on preventing and overcoming national conflict resulting from territorial disagreements. The organization is also present in 40 countries around the world.

12. Interpeace

Established by the United Nations in 1994, Interpeace is another one on this list of NGOs kepping peace. Interpeace supports grassroots peacebuilding initiatives. They are present in 21 countries on 4 continents, and their particular focus is on innovation for peacebuilding.

13. International Alert

With a strong community-based approach, International Alert works with those who are affected by conflict. Their programs focus on sustainable change in perception and attitude of communities towards each other, as well as policy influence towards lasting peace.

14. Karuna Center

Similarly, Karuna Center also works with communities affected by conflict. Their approach is to bring together people from the different sides of a conflict and engage them in mediated dialogue. This to achieve sustainable So far, Karuna has worked in more than 30 conflict areas around the world.

15. Life & Peace Institute (LPI)

LPI conducts extensive research to understand conflict experiences and peace processes around the world. It then engages policy-makers to find sustainable solutions based on data-driven research.

16. Mediators Beyond Borders

Just like doctors or translators without borders, Mediators Beyond Borders provides non-profit mediation services towards peacebuilding. Their goal is also to promote best practices in negotiation and mediation and educate practitioners around the world.

17. Nonviolent Peaceforce

A unique initiative, Nonviolent Peaceforce creates a paid civilian protection force. Their goal is to promote dialogue and negotiation to prevent and stop conflict instead of using armed protection.

18. Peace Brigades International (PBI)

With an integrated approach to peacebuilding, PBI has worked on stopping violence and also protecting human rights for nearly 4 decades. Their approach is community-centered with a special focus on supporting local activists.

19. Peace Direct

A charitable organization, Peace Direct raises funding to support locals in conflict areas. Their work centers on addressing the root causes of violence in order to create a sustainable culture of peace in every corner of the world.

20. Peace X Peace

Peace X Peace places most of their efforts in ensuring gender equality when it comes to peacebuilding. The organization also supports peacebuilding networks in over 120 countries. They also work to ensure that women’s voices are heard when it comes to dialogue, leadership, and participation in conflict prevention.

21. Saferworld

Taking an individualistic and community approach, Safeworld places the onus of conflict prevention on each one of us. They work with people and their communities to empower them in sustaining peace around the world. The organization also focuses on education and skills to address conflict in a peaceful manner.

22. Search for Common Ground

Finally, the last on our list of NGOs keeping peace is Search for Common Ground. This year’s nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, works with communities around the world to create shared solutions to potentially conflictive situations. Their 3 pillars are dialogue, media, and finally community.

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