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Learning from our differences

Travel consultants Manon and Anne reflect on the lessons they learned on their trip to America

This past June, Raptim travel consultants Manon Holewijn and Anne Panis traveled from their home office in Tilburg, the Netherlands, to Sanborn, New York, for a weeklong work visit.

“The Dutchies”, as they were lovingly referred to by their American colleagues, were warmly welcomed to the Sanborn office and have fond memories of their stay. “It was great to meet our colleagues from across the world,” Manon says. “Now that we’ve met in person, it’s much easier to collaborate.”

“They found us very assertive and our work culture to be a lot more open.”

Anne Panis, Raptim travel consultant

“We were excited to get together with our American colleagues and share expertise and experiences. We spent a lot of time sitting together and comparing and reflecting on our respective work methods,” Manon says.

“Despite the fact that we all use the same systems and have the same goals,” Anne says, “it was interesting to discover that we all do our work in our own specific ways. It made us realize that there’s so much we can learn from each other.”

Their American colleagues were intrigued by Manon’s and Anne’s assertiveness. “They found us very assertive and our work culture to be a lot more open than theirs,” Anne recounts.

“Towards the end of our week in Sanborn, we gave a workshop to a selected group of colleagues from around the United States and Canada. At the Tilburg office, we try to book our clients’ travel arrangements as creatively as possible. This tends to result in cost savings for our customers,” Manon explains.

“In some cases, it adds up to hundreds of dollars per ticket,” Anne adds, “which represents a significant comparative advantage of our service over that of our competitors in the market.”

Both girls say that it’s a great honor to work for Raptim. “At Raptim, we are able to combine our passions. On the one hand, we want to work in the travel industry. And on the other, we want to contribute to meaningful humanitarian causes,” Anne explains.

“We feel very invested in the work of our clients,” Anne adds. “We feel that the work they do is very important. This pushes us time and again to go that extra mile.”