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Different Continents, Different Humanitarian Problems: Lake Chad Region

Desperate humanitarian crisis is deteriorating

In the Lake Chad Basin region of West Africa, millions of people are forced to flee their homes and millions more are in need of humanitarian assistance. Compassionate humanitarian organizations are providing life-saving support, but more help is desperately and urgently required to prevent the crisis from turning into a disaster.

A  humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Lake Chad Region

The humanitarian crisis is unfolding in the West African region after almost seven years of violent conflict involving the military and Boko Haram, a violent movement seeking to establish Sharia law. It has led to a devastating humanitarian situation around Lake Chad Basin, a vast and shallow lake which straddles the borders of Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, and Chad.

Originating in Nigeria, the violence has spread across borders into neighboring countries forcing over 2.6 million people to flee their homes and leave their farms and land behind. Nearly 11 million people are in need of emergency aid, 7 million of them are facing severe food insecurity.

On a continent with many displacement crises, this is one of the worst. There is an alarming level of sexual violence, human rights abuses and forced recruitment, even of young children.

The conflict has destroyed food production and led to the total collapse of entire villages, roads, water sources and institutions like hospitals and schools. In some affected areas in the region, people have been going without a harvest in three years. Food prices are soaring high in the markets. On top of the millions struggling for food, hundreds of thousands are living in camps without adequate water access or waste management which leads to a risk of disease outbreaks. Humanitarian organizations are on the ground, like the Norwegian Refugee Council and Oxfam. These caring aid workers deliver life-saving assistance, but the inconvenient truth is that much of the help comes too late. The majority of the relief effort has only begun to scale up in the past year, and it still falls far short of what is needed to save lives and protect people from further harm.  

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