ND048 – Kenya Airways cancels routes to Hong Kong and Hanoi
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Kenya Airways cancels routes to Hong Kong and Hanoi

Kenya Airways will discontinue their flights to Hong Kong and the Vietnam capital Hanoi. From next month onwards, travelers will have to fly with other carriers to get to the East Asian countries.

Kenya Airways no longer flies to Hong Kong and Hanoi

The cancellation of the routes is part of a series of cost-cutting measures. The route changes were first announced by the airline’s chief executive Sebastian Mikosz. Though he also confirmed the Skyteam member would be keeping its routes to other destinations that are close to Hong Kong and Hanoi.

“I believe that we can keep a very good product on Guangzhou and Bangkok. We have to fight for the traffic there. It’s been loss-making”, Mikosz told reporters. The airline added in a statement: “This network change will also allow Kenya Airways to allocate more seats across its African network where the demand outlook remains strong and capacity insufficient on certain routes.”

Following the airline’s discontinuation of its Hong Kong route, travelers will instead have to fly with Hong Kong Airlines. In January, Kenya Airways began codesharing on the Hong Kong carrier’s Bangkok flights.

Kenya Airways is adjusting its focus from Asia to North America. Plans are in the works to launch a long-distance route to the United States. Recently, the airline received a permit from the US Department of Transportation. Further details about this development are expected soon. Kenya Airways has watched how competitor Ethiopian Airlines has introduced multiple routes to North America in the previous years, time for them to join in.

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