ND032 - Flight disruptions at Kenya Airways after crew constraints
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Flight disruptions at Kenya Airways after crew constraints

Crew constraints have prompted operational disruptions at Kenya Airways. The carrier announced that they are forced to cancel and delay numerous flights. However, in a statement, the airline ascertained that the affected individuals would be rebooked on other flights.

Disgruntled employees at Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways issued a statement on July 29, confirming the disruptions and warning travelers that some flights may be delayed or canceled altogether. “Our guests remain our highest priority, and we will endeavor to ensure any affected guests are rebooked on other flights,” the carrier said.

The airline urged travelers to keep checking the flight status via social media and their contact center. “We urge our guests to keep checking the status of their flights through our contact center and social media.”

It’s not the first time travelers with Kenya Airways are duped because of constraints with the crew. It has been delaying and canceling flights since last year when profits began dwindling. In September, a huge emigration of highly skilled workers at the troubled Kenya Airways left the airline’s technical department significantly understaffed resulting in delays and safety concerns.

Last December, engineers downed their tools citing poor pay, lack of promotions and unfavorable shift patterns. “The technical production team is the lowest paid locally, leave alone internationally. There is a pay discrepancy that is affecting our morale,” engineers said in the letter to chairman Michael Joseph.

The workers added that some of their allowances were struck off and other amounts withdrawn after the national carrier sold some of its planes.

The airline, which is partly owned by the state and AirFrance KLM, sank into the red in 2013 after tourism slumped following a spike in violent attacks.

Still on the bad news for Kenya Airways, nonetheless, on July 24, the carrier had to cancel a flight to Johannesburg after the aircraft was involved in an accident at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. It was explicitly stated, "Kenya Airways confirms that one of its aircraft was involved in an unfortunate incident last evening. The aircraft, a B-737-800, was expected to operate flight KQ764 to Johannesburg."

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