International Day of UN Peacekeepers
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International Day of UN Peacekeepers

On May 29th, the United Nations will celebrate the International Day of UN Peacekeepers. They will do this along with the global humanitarian community. The central theme for this year’s celebration is “UN Peacekeepers: 70 years of Service and Sacrifice”. This commemorates the first-ever peacekeeping mission that was deployed exactly 70 years ago. Our team at Raptim would like to join this global event and thank our fellow humanitarians for promoting and keeping peace around the world.

Why is this Day of UN Peacekeepers Important?

Peace has never been a simple matter. Humans over millennia have struggled to keep the peace. This in spite the fact that it seems like a straight-forward concept. But there is good news. We now live in more peaceful times than that our ancestors. Thanks to the efforts of global, regional, national, and grassroots organizations around the world. One of these institutions is the UN with its peacekeeping mission. The International Day of UN Peacekeepers is a way to celebrate humanitarians currently deployed in conflict zones. In the meantime they will also be paying tribute to those who have participated in peacekeeping missions. Most importantly, it is a day to commemorate the 3,700 peacekeepers who have died protecting global peace.

70 Years of Service and Sacrifice

This year marks a big anniversary for the UN Peacekeepers – 70 years of service. On May 29th, 1948, the UN deployed its first peacekeeping mission. The operation began in Palestine and was named the “United Nations Truce Supervision Organization.” This marked an important change in the way the world responded to global conflict. Rather than standing by as countries waged war, the UN put forth efforts to keep the peace. Since then, the organization has deployed 71 peacekeeping operations around the world. In fact, 14 missions are active today on 4 continents. Although some people criticized the UN Peacekeepers efforts, they have also been widely recognized. For example, in 1988, the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This year’s theme, recognizes the extensive tradition of UN Peacekeeping and all those who have actively contributed to the service.

Let Us Help You

As a humanitarian travel organization, we believe in peace around the world. Our goal is to ensure mobility without restrictions. For all humanitarians making an effort to stop violence and create sustainable peace. That is why we devote ourselves to serving those who serve the world. By being a genuine global travel organization, our experienced staff is reachable via diverse means of communication at any given time. Use our quick address locator to contact your nearest Raptim office should you have any questions. You can also follow our blog for more stories and travel information.