International Day of Cooperatives
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International Day of Cooperatives 2018

July 7 is International Day of Cooperatives. As social organizations, cooperatives have sustainability and resilience at their core. That is also why the central theme for 2018 is Sustainable Consumption and Production. Let’s celebrate this important date together and promote inclusion, sustainability, and equality.

What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a social movement. Through it, individuals can work together improve their quality of life. Cooperatives can take on different topics, for example, agriculture, consumption, housing, utilities, labor, and society.

Typically, cooperatives have an open membership model. This means anyone can participate no matter their background or economic status. These organizations are people-centered. They cater to the needs of their members and not vice versa.

In society, cooperatives play an important role. They create economic opportunities, contribute to social justice, and help to improve democratic processes. They do so by giving a voice to their members. Depending on the area of focus, a cooperative might promote social rights, gather resources and share information, provide best practices, and more.

Why International Day of Cooperatives?

The world today faces drastic inequality, both economic and social. We also see a crisis of sustainability and resilience, particularly due to climate change. Many view cooperatives as one of the key solutions to these issues.

Cooperatives are based on ethical values and principles. They can help to foster equality due to their people-centered approach. And, the fact that communities can work together harmoniously may lead to sustainable development.

When we celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives, we are not just acknowledging their existence. We are looking towards a potential solution to many of the urgent issues that the world faces. Today, we can come together and look at cooperation and collaboration as the way towards a more sustainable global existence.

The United Nations is the leading organizer of the International Day of Cooperatives. It works together with the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives and the International Co-operative Alliance.

Sustainable Consumption and Production

This year, the central theme for the International Day of Cooperatives is Sustainable Consumption and Production. The slogan is Sustainable Societies through Cooperation.

What the International Day of Cooperatives 2018 encourages us to do is to improve our use of the world’s resources. For this, we need to cooperate and share. When we do that, we can produce less waste and have more sustainable lifestyles.

If you agree with this approach, participate by following and sharing your ideas at #coopsday!

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