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International Day of Charity 2018

Charity is essential to help those in need to rise above their circumstances. However, we must take care to create sustainability and maintain human dignity when we engage in charity. That’s why it’s important to celebrate a date like the International Day of Charity 2018.

Each year, the world comes together to promote charity, resilience, and sustainability on September 5th. The United Nations established the International Day of Charity in 2012. The date commemorates the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She had won a Nobel Peace Prize for her charitable work around the world.

Lets put a smile on faces around the world

Why Do We Celebrate the International Day of Charity?  

Humanitarian work centers on compassion. One of the most compassionate things to do is to help those who need it most. Often, dire circumstances lead to people facing poverty, hunger, and other forms of human suffering. Charity mobilizes people around the world to give to others.

International Day of Charity calls on the world to lend a helping hand. More than that, it also promotes a sustainable approach to charitable giving. While people may face crises, they must maintain their dignity and become more resilient. The United Nations calls for charities to take on an inclusive and sustainable approach over the long-term.

Charities making the world a better place

Charity Volunteer

There are thousands of organizations around the world working hard to make the world a better place. Here are a few examples:

United Nations Foundation

The NGO branch of the United Nations, the United Nations Foundation (UNF) is a leading charitable organization. It works on issues related to energy and climate, global health, as well as women and population.

For example, the UNF invests in adolescent girls. They do so in order to eliminate poverty and social injustice. In addition, their goal is to create a better future for thousands of adolescent girls around the world. Another approach is their Every Woman, Every Child program. It provides healthcare for mothers and their newborns, as well as empowerment for vulnerable women.

Furthermore, there are thousands of organizations that we would like to mention as they are doing a great job. We want to recognize the great work all charities are doing, and therefore we want to pay tribute to these wonderful organizations and hardworking humanitarians.  Here are a few categories of organizations dedicated to making the world a better place.


One of the greatest world problems is hunger. Consequently, lots of charities, NGO’s, and other projects are taking on this issue. Here is a list of 25 organizations dedicated to fighting hunger.


These 45 NGOs have one key focus—to eradicate poverty around the world. They dedicate all their energy and efforts to make the world a better place. Field workers and NGO headquarters work in collaboration to fight poverty across the globe.


Millions of people do not have access to basic healthcare services. Without health, there can be no quality of life. That’s why thousands of organizations strive to improve health and healthcare for everyone. Here is a list of 25 agencies making the world healthier.

Plastic pollution

Plastic contaminates our planet—from oceans to forests to cities. It is literally killing our biodiversity and exacerbating climate change. These 17 NGOs flight plastic pollution are trying to halt plastic use. However, real change starts with each one of us when it comes to using less plastic.


One of the key sources of poverty is inequality and the lack of inclusiveness. This is often the result of poor access to education, particularly for girls. We are proud to share this list of 38 NGOs dedicated to improving education.

Helping Victims of War

Few things are worse in a person’s lifetime than having to live through a war. Conflict leads to thousands, if not millions, of innocent victims caught in the crossfire. These organizations are helping the victims of war to cope with both emotional and material losses.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, it’s all hands on deck. The institutions on our list of 34 disaster relief organizations know that. They are ready to respond to hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, flooding, or any other disaster at a moment’s notice.

Supporting Refugees

Today, we are living the worst refugee crisis the world has seen thus far in history. That’s why Raptim is grateful for the organizations that are helping refugees re-settle and find peace. Not only do they help refugees find new homes, but they also provide support to integrate them in their new environments.

Faith-based Charities

Everyone has heard the line “help thy neighbor.” Most religious texts prompt us to help those around us, particularly in their time of severe need. These faith-based organizations are dedicated to helping people all across the world.

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Lets put a smile on faces around the world