International Day of Families 2018
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International Day of Families 2018

On May 15th, the world celebrates the International Day of Families 2018. For the past 20 years, this has been the day set aside to reflect on what family means in today’s constantly changing social structure. What’s clear is the fact that family, in any shape or form, is the basic unit of society. That’s why the United Nations, along with partner organizations, promotes the rights of families and their participation in the world’s most important issues. This year, the central theme of the event will be “Families and Inclusive Societies.”

Importance of the International Day of Families

For most people, family is what forms our first identity of self. Family members share their knowledge, culture, understanding of the world, customs, heritage, and history with us. As a society, we place family at the center of our social network therefore making it the most basic unit of our social structure. The International Day of Families recognizes this and celebrates the participation of family in everything from education, decision-making, family planning, and more. As such, the United Nations considers the role of families to be essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those concerning poverty, hunger, health, education, gender equality, work, and peace. You can read more about this in our article “Update: The Sustainable Development Goals – Poverty

Families and Inclusive Societies

The central theme of this year’s celebration of International Day of Families is “Families and Inclusive Societies.” What does this mean? Families are different around the world. They come in varying shapes, sizes, relationships, and connections. The perception of what a family is can also differ from one culture to another. This means that what an inclusive society is for a family will differ in every individual context. Today’s central theme explores just that—the different meanings of inclusive society as it relates to family. The International Day of Families 2018 is also a way to bring awareness to this diversity of families. For example the legal structures that support families, and how our society can be more inclusive of family units.

Children’s Home Flomina

Raptim believes that compassion works best when it can travel where it’s needed most. Therefore we decided last year to support Flomina in their bid to become self-sustainable. We want to help them in their mission to provide their children with better opportunities for the future.

Flomina Childrens Home

Flomina shares our way of thinking. One of their primary goals is becoming self-reliant. They believe compassion works when their care can create a structurally better future for their children and we want to help them realize their goals. We hope to help them achieve results for the local community, through their strength and with a little bit of help from us, for today and for their future. Read more about this very special children’s home in Nairobi.

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