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Inspiring Mission Work We’ve Seen Through the Years

A group of pious women started a congregation back in 1837, The Congregation of Sisters of Charity of Saint Charles Borromeo (CB Sisters), founded by Elisabeth Gruyters, at Maastricht. They have been helping people in need all over the world ever since.

Mission work by CB Sisters

The Church quickly acknowledged the Congregation Saint Charles Borromeo as its Patron and recognized it as an Apostolic Congregation with Pontifical Right, dedicated to works of apostolate. Their first Constitutions were canonically approved on December 14, 1856. 161 years later, their presence is felt in four different continents: Africa, Asia, America, and Europe and serve in various humanitarian fields such as education and health care, helping better the quality of life of people in need of help. 

Global health
The health-care services which CB Sisters provide are achieving great results and are aimed at helping patients and their families, employees and entire communities achieve better health. By leading small and large hospitals in cities and health centers in the villages, their mission work improves the living conditions in vulnerable locations. They run nursing schools to train nurses who will be working professionally in the future.

The Foundress of CB Sisters began the apostolate with the adoption of poor children to lay a solid foundation in the hearts of these disadvantaged children. In this spirit, CB Sisters continued to provide education through their apostolate. A lot of improvement in this field has been witnessed in Indonesia where the CB Sisters head of their own schools in the city.
Most of the schools consist of kindergarten, primary school, secondary and higher education. They teach girls good values so they can do an honest job after finishing college. For example, as a secretary or social worker. These schools not only teach students about science but also teach them on how to live their lives with respect for fellow human beings, respect for human life as well as care and compassion for the suffering. Mission work by CB Sisters teaches them to live in simplicity and to be polite at all times.

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