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Indispensable Global Events in November to Mark Your Agenda

In this series of articles, we want to provide insight into the global development agenda by emphasizing on important events and achievements that have had significant impact in the past and the present as well. In November, we celebrate important world events which focus on development in countries all over the world.

The importance of commemoration days about global events
It’s imperative to take time to remember the tough challenges as well as celebrate the outstanding achievements that have been experienced in various areas around the globe. Majorly because these global events remind us of how far we’ve come, how much we’ve had to endure and how far we’re going. These give us the energy to soldier on until we achieve our goals and even surpass them. Listed below are commemorative days which help remind us of critical humanitarian issues and developments that happened in November.

16 November - International Day for Tolerance
To celebrate the International Day for Tolerance, the United Nations has launched a new campaign, named TOGETHER, to promote tolerance, respect, and dignity across the world. It is a global campaign that aims to reduce negative perceptions and attitudes towards refugees and migrants and to strengthen the social contract between host countries and refugees.

19 November - World Toilet Day
You might not think about it daily, but toilets play a crucial role in creating a strong economy, as well as improving health and protecting people’s safety and dignity. In particular, women's and girls' health benefit from proper sanitation. This day is about getting the message out that toilets save lives, increase productivity, create jobs and grow economies.

20 November – Universal Children's Day
Universal Children's Day offers every one of us an inspirational marking point to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children's welfare. Mothers and fathers, teachers, nurses and doctors, government leaders and civil society activists, religious elders and children themselves can play an essential part in making Universal Children's Day relevant for their societies, communities, and nations.

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We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel where it is most needed. There are countless projects which tried and succeeded in eradicating humanitarian issues. These projects resulted in commemorative days about global events in which we think about the achievements and re-strategize on dynamic ways of dealing with these matters. Please follow our blog for more humanitarian stories, organizations and travel information.