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Indispensable Global Events in January to Mark Your Agenda

In this series of articles, we want to provide insight into the global development agenda. We mark important global conferences and summits where various people from different organizations, as well as politicians from different countries, discuss issues regarding humanitarian work. This can range from reducing poverty, increasing education, and mitigating the refugee crisis. These conferences and their dates are listed below.

Conference sessions will provide an opportunity to build bridges between service providers and policymakers as well as between practitioners and researchers. This will help colleagues across the field to imagine new and dynamic ways to reduce the impact of poverty and homelessness on children and families.

This conference provides a forum to explore the normative questions related to the role of actors in the migration regime and the various relationships between them. The conference will address, among other things, the rights and duties of sending-states in relation to their expatriate populations as well as the receiving-states; the morality of resistance to migration control; the social and interpersonal ethics of migration; and the responsibilities of subnational, supranational, and non-state actors in migration governance.

This conference will offer interactive sessions with expert faculty. Some highlights this coming year will include an introduction to positive deviance approaches, management of children with problematic sexual behaviors, hope and resilience, unique cultural and legal issues associated with maltreatment in tribal communities, domestic violence, substance abuse, diversity, supporting transgender youth affected by maltreatment, trafficking, and understanding sex offender behavior.

We believe our world is a better place when compassion can travel to where it is needed most. There are countless projects which tried and succeeded in eradicating humanitarian issues. These projects are celebrated in commemorative days about global events in which we think about their achievements. Please follow our blog for more stories about humanitarians, humanitarian organizations, and travel information.